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MetabolicRx Therapy Program

MetabolicRx Therapy, A PHYSICIAN DESIGNED PROGRAM, provides individuals with an alternative to weight management that is scientifically proven and medically efficacious. Supervised by a licensed physical therapist and a registered dietitian, we assure maximum continuity of care available. We promote permanent lifestyle changes to keep the weight off as well as, exercise therapy and nutritional education that is affordable. MetabolicRx Therapy has proven successful results with individuals struggling with Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes. MetabolicRx Therapy follows guidelines from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology & the Dietetic Association which includes the following:
  • Fitness and orthopedic evaluation

  • Bioimpedance reading (body composition and water in liters)

  • Computerized report of body fat, lean mass, hydration, fitness level, health risk analysis, exercise routine and caloric requirements for weight loss.
  • Blood sugar monitored pre and post exercise for diabetic patients

  • Blood pressure monitored for the duration of exercise

  • Heart rate monitored for the duration of exercise